Urban and ornamental lighting Master Plan of Segovia

Year: 2014

Location: Segovia

Client: Segovia City Hall

Description: it is obvious that taking care of the historical center of a city like Segovia benefits the totality of the citizens. However, often distant neighborhoods are forgotten.

One of the central axes of this project is the idea of working from the periphery to the centre.
Starting from a pilot program in a neighborhood with the lowest level of citizens’ cohesion and the highest records of social and urban decay. Challenging ourselves to propose solutions that qualitatively improve the area’s nocturnal image, keeping the residents approval as fundamental to our success.

Lighting Master Plan of Segovia promotes a balance between the natural night light image and the citizen’s use of public space. Seeking harmony between functional light and light that needs to go further. This is why symbolic projects represented by creative lighting proposals become particularly important to this plan. We aim to move forward in the light culture suggesting to the citizens another way to see the world after sundown.