Sefardí Museum

Design and technical management of the interior lighting of the prayer hall in the Transit Synagogue

Year: 2015

Location: Toledo

Client: Sefardí Museum

Description: The Transit Synagogue is one of the most remarkable samples of hispanic- juish past in Spain and a very important example of Mudejar architecture style.

In 2003, the coffered ceiling was restored. Briefly before the scaffolds were about to be taken, they realized they could use the opportunity to install the lighting at the same time. To this end, we were convened to design and install the lighting equipments in the coffered ceiling sleepers. They consisted in mechanized splints with high frequency fluorescent, electronic driver and flux regulation. The chosen tube was RLD 92 (2700k, Ra>95 and UV emission around 49microwatts/lumen) from Philips. Surprisingly, this system has been working perfectly for 30.000 hours.

In this occasion, twelve years later, the briefing was to light the plasterworks keeping the coffered ceiling lighting as it was. Obviously it would have been convenient to replace our old installation too, but that involved the use of scaffolds which was out of budget.
This lowcost intervention, shows the fact that very often it is possible to improve substantially historic places lighting without the need of a big money investment. It reveals the importance of a good lighting design thinking to fulfill a proper result.

Photographer: José Luis de la Parra