Catedral Castrense

Design and technical management of the interior lighting of the Cathedral

Year: 2015

Location: Madrid

Client: Arzobispado Castrense and Fundación Endesa

Description: Sacaramento Church was designed by Gómez de la Mora and inaugurated in 1744.
The intervention performed consisted in the substitution for LED technology of the lighting equipments allowing the 50% decrease of the power consumption.
Like in every historical building we intervene, we designed a specific luminaire to replace the candleholders used to give a general light in the nave and transept. The quality of the resulting light, as well as the balance in the light distribution, confer to the room an attractive visual order.
We have obviously taken into account all recommendations for the conservation of the exhibited art pieces. We used warm lighting with the same color temperature (3000k) and chromatic reproduction is excellent

Photographer: José Luis de la Parra