San Salvador Church

Design and technical management of the interior lighting of the Church

Year: 2016

Location: Usurbil, Gipuzkoa

Client: San Salvador Parish, Usurbil

Description: this low cost intervention had two main goals: implementing sustainable lighting and offering a logical space reading. We achieved this first goal using LED high quality technology, focusing the light just where needed and assuring easy installation and maintenance. We complete the second aim balancing the light quantity in the different visual levels generating a light gradient that helps attract the eye to the relevant iconographic elements.
Any lighting design in a space of this nature developed through indirect light like it was in this specific case, it's not just unsuitable from an energy efficient point of view, but also causes the unpleasant effect of illuminating the space which least needed illumination. The space reading becomes disproportionate and loses the welcoming feeling

Photographer: José Luis de la Parra