San Vicente’s Church

Lighting design proyect and installation of the interior lighting

Year: 2016

Location: Cardona (Barcelona)

Client: Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural

Description: The church of San Vicente, located inside the walls of Cardona Castle, is one of the best examples of Catalan Romanesque architecture. Nowadays, the church has lost its liturgical function, so our lighting design project has focused on achieving the highest luminescence on the floor plane, especially in the central nave where public events take place.
The global image of this historical building must also be preserved. It was impossible to achieve this project without any modern equipment being visible, but there we found ways of implementing these fixtures in an appropriate way. We developed special designs and implemented them symmetrically. Doing so, we were able to apply more balanced lighting to the space which more reliably illuminated the architecture. Our lighting project provided for the functional needs of guided tours of the church such as lighting the access routes and the chorus, as well as providing more spectacular light effects to the original flooring in the right nave of the crypt.
Photographer: Álvaro Valdecantos