Temporary exhibition “Francis Kéré. Primary elements”

Production, mounting and lighting

Year: 2018

Location: ICO Museum

Client: ICO Foundation

Description: the exhibition showcases 27 projects and six artistic installations carried out in three different continents. The thesis that structures the entire exhibition relates the work of Francis Kéré with the primary elements of the work of 19th century german architect and scholar Gottfried Semper: the stereotomic floor, the tectonic roof, and the textile wall. These ‘primary elements’ have been constructed full scale in the museo ICO with the same techniques used by kéré in his projects. visitors will find a textile wall made with fabrics from burkina faso; a concrete platform; a reproduction of kéré’s louisiana canopy at denmark’s louisiana museum of modern art; and a reduced reproduction of his 2017 serpentine pavilion. a reproduction of the kéré architecture studio in berlin is shown at the exhibition with various material samples and working models selected from the workshop itself

Photographer: José Luis de la Parra